Think you can’t qualify for life insurance? Think again.

You want to protect your loved ones for the future once you’re no longer around to provide for them. We all do. Life insurance gives you that peace of mind that your family will be taken care of after you’re gone.

However, you’re also worried that your health issues mean you won’t qualify for life insurance because it is meant for healthy people only. So what do you do?

Don’t despair—there is good life insurance out there for you! Whether you have diabetes, heart disease, mental health issues, kidney or liver problems, or almost any other health condition, you can qualify for life insurance!

Looking at the Big Picture
About 85% of consumers agree that most people need life insurance, but only 59% are actually insured, according to the 2017 Insurance Barometer Study by Life Happens and LIMRA. Why?

Let’s look at the facts. There are plenty of reasons why someone may not have life insurance or may not qualify for it, including:
• Recent heart disease
• Heart disease prior to the age of 50
• Any recent major disease (cancer, liver, kidney issues)
• Major mental health issues (such as suicide attempts)
• Kidney and/or liver disease
• Wrongly assuming they won’t qualify

Surprised by that last point? You’re not alone. Many Americans wrongly assume they won’t qualify for life insurance, and thus, never attempt to get insured. We are here to put an end to the myth that only healthy people can get life insurance.

“We are here to put an end to the myth that only healthy people can get life insurance.”

Overcoming Roadblocks
Actually, almost any health history can be insured. The right company can get you insured at an affordable rate, even if you are dealing with any of the issues I listed above.

Take a man in his late 40s, who had suffered a severe heart attack in his early 40s, and while he had been declined elsewhere, we were able to find a company that would insure him.

Another great example is mental health issues, many times consumers with mood disorder and or depression with multiple medications are not insurable. But every company’s underwriting department has unique needs to fill, so recently an individual who had been declined multiple times for mood disorder was able to secure permanent insurance because he has a steady job, and the mental health issues didn’t impact his daily living.

If you are dealing with health conditions, life insurance companies love seeing that you’re working to improve or properly maintain your health.

So if you are over 50, have had heart disease, and it has been resolved for a few years, you can qualify for life insurance.

If you control your diabetes through diet and medication, you can qualify.

If you maintain your mental health with medication and lead a normal life, you can qualify.

Basically, follow your doctor’s orders and you are much more likely to qualify. And that means being able to get financial protection with life insurance that your loved ones need and deserve.

By Sam Goldsmith

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