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Meet Marc McCall: Our New Employee Benefits Consultant

Webber Advisors is proud to introduce the newest member of our team, Marc McCall, who will serve as an employee benefits consultant. Marc focuses on delivering results in employee benefits by empowering employers and employees with guidance, data, transparency, and tools to navigate the employee benefit arena. Marc has spent 15 years of his professional … Continued

Benefits Breakdown July 2024| Pennsylvania Benefits Agency

Report: Health Care Costs Are 254% Higher for Privately Insured Patients Than Those With Medicare A new RAND report revealed that in 2022, private insurers paid hospitals an average of 254% more than what Medicare would have paid for the same services, a jump from 224% in 2020. The study found that 2022 prices for … Continued

Cyber Attacks: A Growing Business Interruption Threat| Pennsylvania Benefits Team

When you think about what usually causes a business interruption, natural disasters such as fires, earthquakes and floods probably come to mind first. These events can physically damage your property and equipment, making your workspace unusable for a time. The damages from Hurricane Katrina and Superstorm Sandy are great examples of how a natural disaster … Continued

PCORI Fee Filing Deadline | PA Benefits Advisors

The Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Trust Fund fee, often referred to as the PCORI fee, can be a source of confusion for employers offering health insurance plans. This article aims to simplify what the PCORI fee is, why it exists, and how it impacts your business. What is the PCORI Fee? The PCORI fee is an … Continued

Benefits Breakdown June 2024 | Pennsylvania Benefits Consultants

HSA/HDHP Limits Will Increase for 2025 The IRS released the inflation-adjusted limits for health savings accounts (HSAs) and high deductible health plans (HDHPs) for 2025. The IRS is required to publish these limits by June 1 of each year. These limits vary based on whether an individual has self-only or family coverage under an HDHP. … Continued

Form 5500: What You Need To Know | Pennsylvania Benefits Agents

Attention Employers: Don’t Miss Your Form 5500 Deadline! Here’s a simplified breakdown of what you need to know about filing your employee benefit plan report: Who Needs to File? Employers subject to ERISA (Employee Retirement Income Security Act) with employee benefit plans, unless exempt. What to File? Form 5500 (annual report) for each employee benefit … Continued

Benefits 101: What Is Voluntary Life Insurance? | PA Benefits Team

Life Insurance at Work: Your Guide to Voluntary Coverage We all juggle life’s different responsibilities, and ensuring our loved ones are financially secure in case of our passing should be a top priority. Life insurance offers a safety net but typically the amount of coverage included as a standard company-paid life insurance policy isn’t enough … Continued

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