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Retirement Plan Services

Retirement Plan Consulting and Investment Services

It is our goal at Webber Advisors to provide comprehensive retirement plan consulting services that prepares participants and protects plan fiduciaries!

Protecting Plan Fiduciaries

Most plan sponsors have not gone through any formal training in their role as an ERISA fiduciary, despite the fact that they are personally liable for the decisions they make and that one judge has said that ERISA is the ‘highest law known to man!’ All of our sponsor meetings begin with properly educating plan sponsors on their fiduciary responsibilities as established in Title I of ERISA – as a properly educated sponsor is a prudent sponsor.

Preparing Plan Participants

ERISA law has evolved over the years with court cases and legislation. Now that 401(k) and 403(b) are the dominant retirement plan vehicles in America, greater emphasis is placed on sponsors to ensure their programs are successful. We know what does and does not work, and focus on activities that lead to successful outcomes! We have the intellectual capital to properly design, install and roll out these programs because we specialize in retirement plans.

Our retirement plan advisory system helps to ensure employers’ fiduciary compliance, and deliver a more successful and meaningful retirement plan for employees. Services include:

  • Investment due diligence analysis
  • Scorecard fund ranking
  • Vendor searches and benchmarks
  • Plan design and annual review
  • Fee analysis and benchmarking
  • Employee education and communication, including our proprietary Report (k)ard

Every plan sponsor has unique goals and objectives. As a dedicated retirement plan consultant, Webber Advisors has the ability to create an ongoing service plan specific to each client’s needs. We will begin with a thorough review of the plan to ensure total plan costs are relevant to the services being received. Then, on an ongoing basis, we will examine the plan design with ideas to improve participation and operational efficiency.

Perhaps most importantly, we help our clients navigate fiduciary responsibility through a robust, systematic, quantitative and qualitative investment analysis involving over 150 pages of detailed reports utilizing 15+ industry standard analytical measurements. Our due diligence process goes far beyond the Morningstar 5-star ratings and instead focuses on a cyclical approach of fund selection, monitoring, and ongoing documentation and review.

For more information about our retirement plan and investment services, please contact Nick Sefchok –


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