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Although we have the smartest, most qualified doctors in the world, the largest research teams ever assembled and tremendous breakthroughs in disease detection and prevention, problems still exist when it comes to day to day primary physician care. Consumers are experiencing expensive, unexpected bills, distrust in their doctors, overcrowded waiting rooms and fear of procedures and bad news. What if there was an alternative that would:

  • Focus on the patient
  • Center on health care improvement and quality care
  • Have transparency to all parties
  • Lower costs to ensure that the model is sustainable
  • And have care delivered in the right place, right time and right setting

Now there is! Empower3 is an innovative new model of healthcare that will change the way you experience primary care. With Empower3 you get unlimited access to your primary care physician, plus so much more…for so much less. Empower3 is a Direct Primary Care (DPC) practice, which means members pay one flat monthly fee and no insurance is involved. With this program, there are no office copays, deductibles, coinsurance, formularies and other restrictions on care. Patients simply pay a monthly membership fee.

The cornerstone to all care should start with the patient, not the insurance companies. Unfortunately, many individuals go without care just because they don’t have insurance or their deductibles and co-pays are too high. At Empower³ Center for Health, we aim to change that. By expanding access to primary care, we are offering a simpler approach to better care and the peace of mind you deserve.

To learn more about Empower3 and the locations it serves, go to

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