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How to Make Your Parent a Dependent for Insurance | Duncansville Employee Benefits

By Melanie Jones

old_manChildren may have to become the caregivers of aging parents. These parents may be faced with health issues and altered mental issues as they age. Occasionally, children may have to have their parents enrolled on their insurance plans as a dependent. Parents enrolled on a qualified medical insurance plan will ensure that they receive the medical treatment they need. Parents may or may not be allowed to enroll on an insurance plan, depending on the particular health plan you are enrolled in.

Step 1

Determine if your parent qualifies as your dependent under the Internal Revenue Services guidelines. According to the IRS, you can claim a parent as qualified if they are younger than 65, have a gross income less than $3,650 and you provide more than half of the parent’s total support for the year.

Step 2

Ensure you have a family health plan under your insurance company. Your parent will not be able to added to an individual plan. You will have to change the insurance plan to a family plan. Make sure that it will not be list as an adult and child plan. It will have to be listed as a plan with more than one adult on it.

Step 3

Add your parent to the family medical plan. The person in your company responsible for health insurance will be able to assist you in adding your parent to your health plan. You may have to prove that your parent is a qualified dependent by showing previous income tax filings, listing the parent as a dependent.

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