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Active Shooter Insurance

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Unfortunately, workplace violence and other acts of mass violence are ever present.  Whether impacted directly or indirectly, when these acts do occur, they can have a significant impact on a company’s property, employee’s and its ability to do business.

Preparation and planning can go a long way toward preventing a violent situation, but even the best-laid plans aren’t a guarantee. An important piece of a comprehensive workplace safety plan is having insurance coverage in case the worst happens. Webber Advisors offers Active Shooter/Workplace Violence Insurance that covers workplace shootings and a wide range of scenarios that may occur. 

Our Active Shooter/Workplace Violence Insurance program provides 1st dollar victim coverages (medical, counseling death benefits), liability protection, business income and extra expenses due to acts of workplace violence and deadly weapon attacks. The program considers all classes of business, including but not limited to government agencies, education, religious institutions, hospitality, entertainment, retail, and public entities. The program also covers a wide range of attack-types, such as knife, explosives and vehicular attacks, rather than solely deadly attacks committed with a firearm.

Contact us to learn more about this program and talk with a program underwriter about your unique insurance needs. 

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